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I've built my life around you
Merlin: Table M/A
so I've become very lax in posting again. I know I made this whole I'm back announcement and now haven't posted anything. No one finds this more annoying than me. I will say that I've been busy, we just bought our first house! (picture below) So it's been a lot of stress and then packing and moving and now we're getting settled in the new place. But that's still not an excuse, I do want to post and I do want to start being part of this community again. So I'm going to start trying to post something every few days, with no longer than four days between posts. I'm not saying that I'm going to be posting fic every four days, because i have a full time job and a house to unpack but at least some thoughts and how my life is going.


I do have some fiction started. Both are Bandom AUs, sorry LOTRPS crew! One is a prequel to a story I started and never finished and the other is a Harry Potter AU. Both are My Chemical Romance and both are Gerard/Frank. I really like how both of them are going to far but I don't want to start posting until I finish them. I have a horrible habit of starting stories and never finishing them. I don't want to start off doing that again. If you're interested in being a BETA for my HP AU let me know, it's getting to the point where I need some outside opinions and guidance. Below is the banner for it.


Well that's all for now....

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Congrats on your new house. :) It's so cute!

Thanks! We are loving it so far.

OMG the house is so cute!!!! I love it!

Thanks! It's my first time not sharing walls with a neighbor in my entire life. I'm loving it!

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