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Needing a change, in name.
Merlin: Table M/A
Inspired by my friend melanie_rocks I want to rename myself here. I've had this journal for over 5 years and I barely resemble the person I was then. Plus, I kind of came up with the name just to register and had assumed that I would change it soon thereafter. It doesn't mean much, I sometimes even think it's a childish username. The problem, I have no idea what to use as the new name....

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I like Loki girl. But, then I am Scandanavian and always thought Loki was really cool.


if you live in bellingham the think i just met you outside the hampton in seattle. weird

I actually live in Minneapolis, never been to Seattle, what made you think it was me? lol I'm interested now, do I have a doppleganger?!

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