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OH My God. I hate moving. I always say that next time we're going to hire movers and we never do. It's like I'm begging for sore muscles and sweat drenched bras.

Anyway, we are moved finally! Yaye! We moved to Uptown Minneapolis, for those of you who don't know MPLS, it's a trendy area with tons of shops and restaurants. Plus an awesome commute to work. Our new place is great except it has no central air and it's 95 degrees today. But other than that I really do love it.

On a sour note, my mother is leaving my father, there's a lot of history and BS that I don't really want to go into. But in the end, it all amounts to the same thing anyway. Awkwardness. My Father and I are going to be the only ones left in the state. My sister moved with her husband to Virginia Beach (He's in the Navy.) and now my mom is moving to Kansas City, where we're originally from to be with her sister and her family while she formulates a plan. So my dad will be sad and alone and he's not really what you'd call a yeah it'll be up to me to keep him social with me and it's just going to be odd for a nice long while.



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