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Merlin: Table M/A
Just thought I would update and let everyone know that I've been in the hospital for the past few days- I am fine and getting better but am unsure when I'm going to be released. I won't go into detail or anything just know that I'm out of the ICU and on my way to recovery- hopefully home soon and writing again.

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Take care of yourself and get better! *sends good healing vibes*

Oh wow...I'm glad to hear that everything is okay and I'll keep you in my thoughts... *huggles*

holy spumoni! i-c- freakin' u?!?! get better! *hugs really tightly*

ICU? Oh my. :::hugs you gently:::

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Good Thoughts and Strengthening Wishes!

I hope all will soon be well. x0

Sending you all the best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. Please be good to yourself. *hugs*

I know that I really don't know you, but I hope you get better. What were you in the hospital for?

Dear sweet Loki, I have no idea how I missed this post. I just realized that it's been foerever since I've seen you around and found this. Forgive me for being a terrible friend and not posting my best wishes for your recovery sooner.

You are in my thoughts! ♥

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