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Merlin: Table M/A
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Title: Carnivale (1/?)
Rating for chapter: PG-13 (mild torture)
Pairings: EW/OB
Summary: A fic for Halloween; Elijah is the star of a carnival side-show that passes through Orlando's town, but unlike most performers Elijah is kept against his will. (Werewolf!Lij) (unbetad, mistakes are my own.)

Chapter 1-

Chapter 1-

Orlando could already hear the sounds of music and the soft murmuring of a crowd as he stepped out of his parent’s home. In the distance he could see a gathering of large colorful tents lining the area just behind the Lewis’ farm and from his vantage point it looked as though the entire town had turned out to witness the exotic spectacles that the posters the lined the town square had promised.

Orlando shut the front door behind him and began to make his way down the bluff towards his best mate William’s home. They were to meet up and make their way to the carnival together. The day was bright and sunny but there was a fall chill in the air that foretold of many cold gray days to come and as the wind whipped through the trees Orlando tightened his soft wool jacket around his thin frame. Orlando was tall and thin but he was strong, his muscles here flat and hard from days of working on his parent’s land. The land had originally been used to raise crops but when his father had taken over it was soon devoted to training and horses. His mother, though a woman, had managed to become a talented veterinarian and soon any villager that had an ailing animal was making trips to the Bloom’s stead.

His father had hoped his only son would take after him, training horses and selling them was indeed a financially stable trade; however Orlando had soon developed a fondness for animals that leaned more towards helping and caring than the strict harshness that training demanded. So he learned from his mother the different techniques to treat animals like how to splint broken legs and treat various infections. In time his father had grown to respect his decision and expressed pride in his son’s abilities to anyone who cared to hear, and many who did not.

A soft sigh escaped Orlando’s lips as he let gravity carry him down the steep hill towards William’s. His parents had been carried off two years ago by a flu epidemic that quickly passed through the small town claiming several of his friends and neighbors but Orlando still referred to his home as his parents’ and everything inside as his only through them. He had cried and mourned when they passed but he still somehow felt that they were simply away in the city on vacation and he was just keeping the house for them until they returned.

“’Bout time you got here, we’re going to miss everything if you don’t hurry up.” William greeted him. Orlando only grinned as his friend joined him on the road that led down to the carnival.

William was a whole head shorter than Orlando, but his frame was solid and strong. He was the son of the local blacksmith, and had learned his trade well. Though his light hair and bright green eyes made him look at odds in his profession; where as most blacksmiths looked hard and cold Billy was open and warm.

“Sorry Billy I didn’t know we were keeping to a schedule.” Orlando teased.

“Quite right,” Billy said as the approached the entrance to the carnival “the smell of roasted peanuts has been wafting up to the shop all morning.” Billy was a sucker for peanuts.

“Good day gentleman” A man with a thick Welsh accent greeted the pair as they approached. “It’s two bits today.” Orlando and Billy quickly reached into their purses and took out the appropriate amount to pay the man. “Thank you very much.” The man bowed and signaled them to go on through.

There was music coming from somewhere, it was light and filled the air with a carefree feeling. Men and women from the village and probably a few surrounding villages as well, meandered their way from booth to booth playing games and buying the frivolous foods that one only purchased at carnivals and the like. Billy immediately made his way to the nearest peanut trolley and purchased a large bag for himself and Orlando to share. Though Orlando had a feeling by the time he was hungry the bag would have mysteriously disappeared.

“What?” Billy asked through a mouthful of salted nuts.

“Nothing” Orlando chuckled.

“What do you suppose that is?” Billy asked as he pointed to the large group of people that seemed to be gathering a few feet away.

“I’ve no idea, let’s take a look yeah?”

Billy nodded in agreement and they made their way to the crowd that was now taking their seats on long wooden benches. Orlando looked around and guided Billy to two open places near the middle. There was a large stage in front of them and all around hung large posters of what looked to be the performers. One was labeled, Olivia the tattooed queen of the Amazon. The woman had dark hair and piercing eyes, and every inch of skin below her neck was covered in colorful tattoos. Other posters advertised men and women of all different sizes, men that could swallow swords and breath fire, women who could bend into impossible shapes. Orlando looked over at Billy who was looking back at him with the excitement of a small child. It was a side-show.


“You get back in that cage, you here!” Bean glared at the boy in front of him. This request was met with a deep growl in the back of the boy’s throat. “I said get back in there!”

The boy stepped closer baring his sharp canine teeth and growled once more. Bean held his ground, never one to be easily intimidated, and looked the young man straight in the eyes. The rest of the performers looked on in horror as their most dangerous member advanced once more on their ringmaster. It was dead silent, the only sounds being the crowd gathering outside and the harsh low rumble that seemed to surround the smaller figure in front of Bean. The ringmaster raised his cane brandishing the shiny silver handle in a threatening gesture.

“Get back in,” He snarled “or I will make you.”

Bean saw the small flinch go through the monster’s body at the sight of the pure silver and knew he had won. The boy backed up slowly crouching down and walking back into a large cage. He sat down on one of the many blankets the lined the cage, never taking his eyes off Bean for a second. One of the carnival workers quickly closed and locked the gate behind him and he was once again trapped. Bean smirked and walked along the side of the cage and stopping beside the young man.

“How many times are we going to have to go through this Elijah?”

“Until you let me go” Elijah snapped from inside the cage.

“Where is it you think you have to go to, I wonder?” Bean bent down closer to the bars “You have no family; you’ve no friends, no home. You are all alone little one.”

“I have parents” Elijah protested as he bent his legs up to his chest wrapping his arms around his knees.

“Yes, parents who left you with me, parents who discovered what their son was and dropped him in a freak show.”

“Be quiet” Elijah whispered, as the area behind his eyes began to tingle with the threat of tears.

“What was that little one?”

“Be quiet!” he rushed towards Bean but the ringleader was expecting him and prodded him with the metal handle of his cane. “Aghh!!”

Elijah bellowed at the hiss of the silver against his skin made all the others around them turn away. As the intense pain washed over him Elijah’s body slowly went limp and a large angry burn decorated his pale white chest. Elijah looked up at Bean through heavily lidded eyes and saw the cold hard stare of the man who’d owned him since childhood.

“It’s time to learn your place little one, you’re running out of chances.”

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Poor Elijah. This is different. I like it very much and you have captured a mood, kind of dark but mostly sad.
Hurry Orlando,,, Elijah needs you....
Bean in a nasty incarnation. Yummy.
Thank you

Thanks! Yes it's a bit of a dark fic, I love writing it.
Bean is a nasty piece of work in this one, I needed a baddie and I'd just seen The Island, so Bean filled the role. lol.

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