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A Girl-Shaped Love Drunk Message

2 February
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A Little About Me: I am a 70s punk & Ska loving twenty something who thinks
everything sounds better on vinyl. I live in Minneapolis with my
husband who is almost as big of a geek as I am. We live in a trendy
area with our dog Azriah who likes to bark at larger dogs from our
front window, just to show them who's boss.

I work an okay job, it's nothing I'm passionate about but it will
do for now. I may eventually go back to school for graphic design,
but that remains to be seen.


About This Journal: Here I keep my fic, icons and everyday rambling. Most of the
content is going to have something to do with slash. So if that
doesn't sound like your cup of tea, you can kindly see your
way out.

I just happen to like reading/writing romance stories featuring
two men. Two fine pretty men......Opps, sorry I spaced out there
for a minute....

My favorite pairings include:
Sherlock: Sherlock/John
MCR: Gerard/Frank,
Merlin: Merlin/Arthur,
The Eagle: Esca/Marcus
SPN Dean/Sam & J2

I write more AUs than anything else. I like taking characters and
dropping them into different atmospheres/situations. I also love
reading AUs so if you have a favorite fic featuring The Victorian
Era, Werewolves, Comicbook Superheroes, etc. rec them to me, I will
devour them!

As for Graphics, I post icons and other graphics periodically and
will take requests for Fic banners. (see post below)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Request Process: see this post-> http://loki-girl.livejournal.com/85679.html