Merlin: Table M/A

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Merlin: Table M/A
I now have Purple hair, that is all.

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I was just pressure at all...but should the muses strike I sure miss your writing.

Awe- don't happen to be into MCR Slash do you? I'm working on something in that vein, I'm not posting it until it's finished though, because we all know how I am about finishing stuff I

Not to sound dumb but, what is MCR?

Of course soon as I hit send...My Chemical Romance pops into my head. Yes, we are in function mode, now. Lol. Not a fan of the band but since I like your writing I will give it a go!

Sweet! What's your email? I'll send you some as I complete different chapters.


Thanks Loki! (I'm kinda glad you didn't change your name, as a Norwegian, Loki was always my favorite of the gods. Hee.

You know, your reporter Dom and Rockstar Billy will always be one of my favorite WIP's. It's probably why I am so open to seeing what you do with the impish Pete Wentz.

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