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Merlin: Table M/A
So I logged onto Live Journal today and realized that it's been over 2 years since I've been on for any discernible amount of time. I'd like to apologize first off, this community supported me at a time when nothing else in my life really did. Though I didn't write to much about my personal life, I really felt that logging onto LJ at the end of a long day on campus was like coming home. I let that go after something in my life went terribly wrong, I left it and went away without so much as a word. While I am very sure that was the best course of action for me at the time, lately I've been missing it.

You see I needed to leave, to get perspective and live outside of my own head. I was unhappy at the time and kept myself cooped up in my room trying not to pay attention to the things that were going on around me. It was too hard to look at, I was having to quit school due to financial stuff, dealing with depression and my family seemingly coming apart at the seems. So I had a choice to either stay in my head and not deal with reality or face it head on. So after a terrible hospitalization I decided to deal with it. I turned around and faced all the complete bullshit that was happening to me. You want to know the wonderful thing? I made the right decision.

I faced things and I came out the otherside better for it. If you knew me then you would know that my life is completely different now. It is utterly and completely unrecognizable, in a good way of course. Instead of coming home to my parents house or some room in a shared house on campus I come home to a two bedroom wonderful duplex in the heart of Uptown. I don't get lonely because the moment I get in the house I'm greeted by my hyper yet adorable, black lab/pit dog Azriah. (pictured below, isn't she cute?!) Who is constantly hounding (har har) me for affection.

I no longer work a crappy retail job, I actually have a professional 8-4:30 job making enough to support myself. I've even taken to wearing suits, which for me is really saying something seeing as I still have moments where I want to dye my hair purple. However, the biggest thing to change in my life by far is Mike.

I met Mike about a month after my last post here and I've not been able to stay away from him since. Mike is a handfull; he's social, opinionated, stubborn, adorable and an attention whore. He is also an amazing husband.

We got Married this last April and I have never been more sure about any decision in my life. He is a genuinely good person who actually cares about me more than he cares about himself. He makes me extraordinarily happy.

So that's a very short recap of my two years away, but now I'm back. I'm not sure in what capacity yet, as I find myself a lot busier than I used to be. I want to start writing again and I definitely want to start reading again. I've missed fandom like you wouldn't believe! This post is not about how getting away from fandom and LJ made my life better, it's about me needing a break and coming back better than ever! I am in such a better space emotionally and personally. I can't wait to dive back in, I hope I'm welcome...


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It is sooooo good to here from you! I was away for a while too (money issues), and when I checked up on your journal I saw you mentioned a hospital stay. Then you were gone and I was worried something had happened. I'm so happy to hear of the strength you've found, I know the hardest step can be taking the initiative to change and grow and be better. I'm so glad that found someone who you can share your life with.... and I guess your husband too, hahahaha. You seem to be very happy and I'm excited that you're back. *hugs*

Thanks for the welcome! I am so glad to be back. I really do think taking some time to figure myself out was the best decision for me, but I totally missed fandom and all of my friends here. I haven't had time to log on in the last couple days because work has been so hectic but I'm hoping in the next couple of days to get back into writing and contributing here!

So what have you been up to over the last long while? I want to hear it all! (I guess I could always read your

Thanks lady! PS this new boy of yours looks awfully cute!

First of all, congratulations on your marriage and all the wonderful things you've accomplished. I'm glad you've been able to turn your life around to such a fabulous extent -- please don't stay away!

Thanks! I don't plan to. my laptop is on the fritz so I'm using my husband's which makes writing a bit awkward, but I am so glad to be back!

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